A very different agency

We have an agency model that just fits with today's business world. A strong and sustainable proposition that works on an almost completely remote basis. A network of trusted local talent. A flexible model that can scale with your needs.

This past year has thrown up a lot of uncertainty as we all are very much aware. Things changed rapidly across pretty much every industry there is. As a marketing agency, in April when we were all sent to work from home, no one really knew how that was going to work and it was a massive adjustment. The first week was insanely intense. Like totally manic. I think I spent every minute of the day that week either on the phone, on an online chat, writing emails, or on a Google Meet video meeting. It was a little chaotic to say the least. However, within a few weeks the chaos settled down, I found that actually I was getting more done and being more efficient, and so were the wider team. Better utilisation of online collaboration tools (which you can read more about in another post 'With remote working, collaboration is key') made us work in an extremely productive fashion. It made me question the need for having a fancy office and what impact that overhead has to the business.

The point here is that we quickly realised that although face to face meetings are certainly necessary at key stages of a project, remote working was not only extremely productive, but gave everyone a little extra time and flexibility. This is where Zero Two was born. After over 20 years in the industry you meet a lot of people and build a great network of individuals you know and trust and that are extremely talented at what they do. You learn to identify strengths and weaknesses so that you can pull together a team specifically hand picked for a particular project. Although we have a fairly small base team, we have a vast, ever growing network of talent that we can draw from. This allows us to scale up or down depending on workload and the size of the projects we are undertaking, minimizing risk, lowering overheads, and reducing the end project cost for you, our clients. Everybody wins.

Two other benefits that quickly became apparent: staff with long commutes were not only putting in more hours of work, but getting more hours back to themselves; and with no commuting comes less pollution, and less expense.

This is paired with the way we try to approach each business relationship we enter as a partnership. We like to think of ourselves as an extension to your team, and we will work extremely closely alongside you in order to achieve your marketing goals. By driving the needle for your business, we believe those partnerships will help to further grow ours. Read more about our partnership approach in our post 'The power of partnerships'.

The world has changed. And rapidly. And I for one can honestly say I don't think it will ever return to 'business as usual' any time soon. If ever. People and businesses have adapted and changed, and in a lot of cases, realised that the need for a permanent office space and commuting is just not necessary. There are huge benefits to our business model. Project specific hand picked talent, scalability, flexibility, quicker turnaround, and cost savings across the board. Whats not to like!

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