Email marketing

Engage with new and existing customers to drive business growth


Driving growth with targeted emails.

By segmenting your data and creating highly targeted email workflows, email marketing can be an extremely effective tool in your marketing arsenal. Ensuring that you are targeted and relevant will give you far better engagement and click through rates.

Designing a dynamic and highly engaging email is just the first step. By using marketing automation we can create email workflows that will ensure you engage with your customers at the right time and with the right message. Using various triggers and rules within each workflow we can prompt customers based on the behaviours or actions they may (or may not) take.

The objective is to engage (or re-engage) with customers at key points in their relationship with you and the products or services that you provide. This ensures that targeted offers, incentives, reminders or just simple re-engagement emails are sent just at the right time. The outcome will see customers engage further and more often, and purchase more frequently, helping you to continue to drive growth.

Building hyper-targeted segments.

Building lists and segmenting your data all starts with gathering the right data about your current or potential customers. The more data you can collect, the better you will be able to deliver the most valuable and targeted content to each individual. It ensures that your messages instantly become more engaging which creates more loyalty, more value over time, and ultimately increases sales.

Connecting with your website, business apps and e-commerce platforms will help to collate this data which can then be leveraged to deliver more successful, hyper-targeted email campaigns. This will ensure you deliver dynamic content to each user based on the segment to which they belong.

Using segments, triggers and rules will mean that customers receive highly relevant emails at the right time with the right message and will help you to drive the performance of your marketing efforts and grow your business.

Relevance is key to conversion.

Ensuring you are driving traffic to relevant content is paramount

Setting up targeted email campaigns and driving traffic to your website is just the first step in generating leads and growing sales. It's absolutely paramount that the page on your website that you are driving traffic to contains highly relevant content that matches that of the subject matter of the emails you send.

Having targeted and relevant content on your landing pages will help you to convert more of the traffic from your email campaigns and give you the best results.